EzHID SNES Gamepad Firmware


The snespad module is a firmware package for the EZ-USB device that manages up to two gamepads of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It makes them available as generic gamepads to any computer system that supports the HID class of the USB standard. Modern computer systems should be able to recognize this bundle and to attach it seamlessly to the set of input devices for game control. There should be even no need for specific drivers as the HUT gamepad characteristics are well-defined inside the HID specification. The generic driver of any operating system should do the job.
It has been tested with Linux 2.4.22 so far, which implements joystick handling within the joydev module. In case this module is not loaded automatically, consult the documentation of your distribution on how to activate this module.

Compilation and Installing

The file snespad.ihx contains a compiled version of the firmware based of the released source files. If you want to modify the sources, you need the SDCC compiler suite.
Once it is installed, issue


It is a good idea to use a recent version of SDCC so look on the website for snapshots or check-out directly from the CVS repository.
The hex-file can be downloaded directly to the EZ-USB device using your preferred method. The firmware supports both downloading into the device RAM or being bootloaded from a programmed serial I2C EEPROM on the board. In the latter case, you'll have to add the option -DROM_FIRMWARE in Makefile. After having compiled the source code to suit the needs of the bootloading, run create_ezhid_e2.pl on the compiled hex-file. The output of create_ezhid_e2.pl has the correct format for the onbaord I2C EEPROM.
The benefit of having the firmware permanently in the EEPROM is that you do not have to set up a firmware downloader for every operating system you happen to use on your computer.

Adapter Hardware

The required hardware setup is pretty simple if you reuse the connector of a SNES console. It is quite robust and offers all connections centrally on the bottom side of the PCB at the pins for the cable socket. In addition, you will need an external 5 V power source. Such a configuration is shown in the following picture.

Wiring diagram for the SNES gamepad (snespad.png)

Pin B1 is the common Data Latch signal for Pad 1 and Pad 2. The pins B2 and T2 are the Data Clock for Pad 1 and Pad 2 resp. They have to be connected together to PA6 of the EZ-USB device as the firmware clocks both pads simultaneously. Pin B3 is the Serial Data of Pad 1 and Pin B4 is the Serial Data of Pad 2. Both pins require a 10 kΩ pull-up resistor to the 5 V supply. All mentioned signals are low active.
The assignment to the EZ-USB ports is arbitrary. It can be changed by modifying the #define statements in pad_port.h

Wires connected to the SNES gamepad

The gamepad buttons are assigned in the following way:

SNES Button
Gamepad Button

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